On Shows: Trigger at The Revival

Go see this show. At the risk of sounding grandiose, this was the best comedy I’ve ever seen live. (I wasn’t at Richard Pryor’s Long Beach show, so….) And in the same way Pryor was able to address “the issues” while making you laugh hysterically, that’s what Trigger achieves. It is smart, and it is hilarious. It’s a show that walks that careful balance and–as a writer–makes me wish I could’ve sat in on the writing sessions just to see the process.

By seeing this show, you’ll also get your butt down to the amazing new theater, The Revival, in Hyde Park. The space is beautiful, and the atmosphere is unlike any comedy club in Chicago. The show runs for three more Saturdays. Enjoy!


Trigger, Saturdays through November 5th, 8:00 P.M., The Revival Theater

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